“I Believe You and I’m Sorry”

Women (and some men) are using social media to share some of their most painful memories.

Please believe them.

Most people have a moment (or 12) in their lives when they realize, “I was wrong”.

Right now might be one of those moments for you.  As women (and men) are coming forward to share their experiences, how are you responding?

Maybe you think, I believe these women (and men), but honestly, what am I supposed to do about it?  Maybe it never even crossed your mind to say something, (which you might want to think about) for whatever reason.

When you see the women (and men) around you saying things like, “me too” or telling their stories, don’t stay silent.  Use your voice and your platform to acknowledge your role. If you don’t know what to say, here’s a good starting point.

“I believe you and I’m sorry
I have been part of the problem
I’ve watched you ripping off band-aids before the wound was healed, baring your scars for the world and I was silent.
I’ve heard friends, family and jurors rip you apart and call you a liar and I didn’t speak out.
I heard my own friends make comments about your body and I kept my mouth shut.
I thought “no” meant “try harder” because I wasn’t listening.
I have contributed to the dysfunctional system that allowed me to be both complicit and quiet.
This shit has to end now and it won’t until I speak.”

If this is a moment where you are saying, “I was part of the problem, I’m sorry, I believe you”.  I’m really glad you are here.

As you begin looking around with new eyes, the world will look different.

Please stay open. Ask questions. Read. I recommend starting with This Book (Affiliate Link)

As you listen to other people’s stories you might wonder, “is this actually a big deal? This seems like you are overreacting and reading into things that aren’t really there”.

Remember that each person has a unique story and it may not line up with what you have experienced. You don’t need to fully understand, but you can listen.

Trust that the story they are telling you is true.

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