2017 is MY YEAR!!!

It’s a new year!!

Before I talk about resolutions- I have to tell you a story.

We visited a church on Sunday and during the announcements section, the pastor said “control”.
Kaia was coloring quietly on my lap but then busted out laughing and loudly said, “HE SAID TROLL!!!”.
Highlight of my day.  I love that kid so much.
Who says kids aren’t paying attention?  They hear everything.

And now an awkward transition into goals-
I’m feeling lazy and feeding a baby so I don’t feel like telling a story that would perfectly change the subject.

I have read so many posts about resolutions. That’s not a complaint, just a statement.
Most of the one’s I have seen, say – “2017 is MY YEAR!!!”

The most common two goals/resolutions/whatever you call them- that I have read are “I’m going to be brave and fearless!” and “I’m going to take care of myself”

I have nothing against those goals, I just don’t quite know what they mean.  I need actionable items in my goals- I can write goals like a champion. I also don’t write specific yearly goals.  Actually, that’s a lie.  I do, but only ish.  I revisit my goals monthly to determine what changes need to be made to them.  I make lists, write out pros and cons, and revise as necessary.  I’m a blast.

At this moment, these are my current goals.

1. Learn some Spanish-  Specifically, 5 new words a week.  Eden wants to visit Mexico and see the Mayan ruins.  Kaia thinks there might be a present at the top.

2.  Write some music-  Specifically finish one song this year.  I have folders and folders of lyrics, and music floating around in my head- and I want to get it recorded. Nothing fancy, just on my laptop, but I want to have one completed song.

3.  Travel- Specifically take two big trips this year.  One out towards asheville/ hilton head/the beach.  Another to the Grand Canyon.

4.  Write more- 2 or 3 blog posts a month.  I enjoy writing but sometimes I start to freak out about it.  What if you don’t like me? I’m needy.

5. Find a church- Specifically one that isn’t full of middle class white people.  I’m trying to branch out this year.
I know- “church shopping” is the worst and unChristian, and if I have an issue with a    church it’s a reflection of my heart- because every church is a collection of sinners.  Thank you for your input.

So yeah. those are my goals for now.  They will probably change and I’m cool with that.

2017 is my year baby! (that was a joke)

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  1. Katie Furman says:

    I was thinking the same thing as you when my pastor this week was going over top goals people have, like, “That’s not actionable…?” I do something similar to you using my Passion Planner I got when I was feeling goal-less, so you’re not the only one.

    And, Rachel, I love your blog! Thanks for putting real life on the page in such an approachable, humble, well-written way!

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