Big changes in the Hazelhome

No I’m not pregnant.

We leave tomorrow for Hilton Head! 

This is our second family vacation ever and our first without my parents.  I have 6 loaves of bread rising (3 of regular bread, 1 for hamburger buns, 2 of cinnamon bread), a whole tote of snacks and food and clothing and car toys ready to go.  Mountains and the ocean are my calm happy places and it’s been 4 years since I saw the ocean, I’m so excited. We will be there for a few days then come home for a staycation for a week and then pack up our house. 

That’s right. Pack up our house. 

We are moving again. 

I’m freaking out a little bit.  

We said goodbye to the chickens yesterday and I might have cried a little. 

We are moving to Minnesota/Wisconsin.  These two states are like Ohio and Indiana to me, I’m pretty sure they are the same. 

Steve will be working in Winona, Minnesota and we think we found a rental in Wisconsin. 

I’m really excited about this opportunity for Steve.  We had been talking about looking for a career he could be passionate about instead of an okay job that let him collect a paycheck and his new position is perfect for him.  

I’m also nervous.  We are in a land of waterfalls, we found a church, we found a homeschool community.  Asheville is sunny and warm and friendly.  Unfortunately, with Steve’s current job, he doesn’t get to really be a part of our family.  His travel was scheduled or cancelled only days in advance, so we couldn’t travel with him like we planned and he wasn’t home most weekends, like he was anticipating.  The constant uncertainty about when daddy would be home was really hard on our three girls.  We would countdown nights until Steve was home only to have a trip extended at the last minute.  

While interviewing with a company in Michigan, Steve was talking with a close friend who made a comment about moving to Minnesota to work with his company.  At first we laughed, saying “ha Minnesota”.  Then we thought about it a little more, and a little more and the conversation changed to, “actually…”

Steve will be working for Enlightened Equipment.  A super cool company that makes ultralight camping gear.  I’m really excited about the job and the people.  I am so excited to have weekends with my whole family and dinners together.  We will be like 4 hours from Chicago and there are cheap flights to Detroit.  

I’m nervous, of course.  Starting over is hard and I finally feel settled here. Also, moving…again.  Lastly, snow. I hate snow. I hate cold. I have heard that Minnesota is cold. I will be requesting warm clothing for Christmas.  

So off we go, on another adventure. 

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  1. Oh gracious! I’m glad you’re making a good move for your family, but we’ll miss you. Northern Minnesota is beautiful.

    Have a great vacation!

  2. Tina Anderson says:

    4 hours from Chicago! Yay! But boo, moving again. Yes, and boo, snow. 🙁 But yay family dinners!

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