Giving Tuesday

So I wrote this on giving Tuesday about my favorite nonprofit- Raincatchers and how my dad started it- and I’m not sure if I ever shared it here- so sorry not sorry if I already did


I remember hearing the story of how my dad got started in Haiti a long time ago. He can tell the story much better than I can, but he usually doesn’t, because that’s how he is, he thinks about others first, every single time.

Almost 25 years ago Bob was outside mowing the lawn. He felt like so many people do, like he was supposed to do something bigger with his life, like there was something he was missing. He cried, asking God for direction, for more. Then he took my brother and I to VBS, where he met someone who changed his life. He met a man named Roro Eustache and learned about a need in Haiti. He went to Haiti for the first time and was never the same.

He installed a Haitian roof on the back of our house to test out different Raincatcher designs. He walked around the yard with buckets of water on his head. He recruited teams of people to travel to Haiti to install water systems on houses.
He spends his weekends at laundry mats washing the totes after trips and sews up any tears. Hours every day are spent dealing with all the paperwork that comes with running a nonprofit. American Airlines gets more of his time and energy than you would think possible.

In 2013, the average ceo of a small non profit made $95,661 (…/2013_CEO_Compensation_Stu…)

For the last 25 years, Bob has made an annual salary of $0. Actually, less than that because all trips are self funded, so if there are complications, he pays for that out of pocket.

When asked “how did you afford to start doing this?” He answers, “I’ve never been able to afford this”.

Every single penny of every single donation goes to Haiti.

As he spent the last week saying who he is thankful for (and I’m sure he has more planned out), I wanted to say thank you to him. For changing the lives of so many people. For being an amazing dad, leader and friend. For being someone who saw a problem and decided to solve it.

For ‪#‎givingtuesday‬, please take a second and give back somehow, somewhere to someone who changed your life.

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