How Do You “Manage” Anxiety and/or Depression?

Most people I have met have advice about how to manage anxiety and/or depression.

Some of the most common suggestions I have heard are medication, therapy, exercise, time in nature, diet, sleep, yoga, meditation, and lavender essential oil (Plant therapy is my favorite brand- amazon has it in 10 ml (1/3 oz)., 30ml/1oz, and Organic 10 ml (1/3 oz)).

I am going to start writing about my experiences with all these different types of self care.  I want to experiment with as many as I can to find out what helps me and what doesn’t.

I need some help with my list!

If you struggled with anxiety or depression, what helps/helped you?  What was not helpful? What do you want to try but haven’t yet?

Here are some of my favorite things for anxiety right now

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17 comments on “How Do You “Manage” Anxiety and/or Depression?

  1. I suffer from both and I have to say exercise in general does wonders. I recently started taking spin classes – oh my gosh! The workout is intense but you leave there LOADED with endorphins and it’s the best feeling! Herbals are great as long as you aren’t taking other prescription medications. I would consult a physician before mixing the two. Many herbals do not mix well with prescription meds, and cause serious side effects or bind up with other meds making them ineffective or hard on the kidneys – just FYI 🙂

  2. What an interesting read, I tend to have bouts of anxiety often on throughout the years. I am looking forward to following your journey with these holistic herbal approaches. I think all of us suffer from Exide he at one time or another, and the holidays right now only exasperate it.

  3. I used to have anxiety issue many years and recently they have started again. They are few and far between. I would love to learn more about natural remedies, but for now I have a bottle of Xanax that my doctor prescribed…..not to take but to keep on hand….he said just knowing it’s there will help me and I shouldn’t need it (and he was right). But when I feel mildly anxious I try to find a distraction or lay down and close my eyes and breathe slowly. I’m glad I found your blog on Blogging Networks 🙂 Hugs…Janie

  4. I am a big believer in essential oils as well! I have also recently discovered meditation and that really helps when I get stressed. In fact, I had to close my office door to do a little meditating today 🙂 I think having a hobby also helps, as well as forcing yourself to be social! Good luck, I can’t wait to read about your outcome of all the different methods!

  5. I visit a local tea shop (it does wonders) and take mental health days. I love that you’re open to talking about this. I wish more people discussed mental health

  6. My anxiety is almost always at an all time high especially when college is added to the equation! I take time out of my day to do breathing exercises and/or meditate. I also take some supplements that calms me like 5HTP and melatonin at night to sleep. I try to keep my surroundings clean and if possible, not have too much stuff.

  7. When it hits me, I try to break everything down into the smallest possible pieces, trying to accomplish just one tiny thing at a time. Either that, or I force myself to get myself outside and into sunlight as quickly as possible. But I love the idea of using essential oils. I’ll have to try that one out!

  8. When I am struggling with anxiety or depression exercising helps. Preferably exercising outside around nature. I’ve noticed it helps to calm my mind. Also writing helps me. If I write down what I am feeling at the moment. It clears the fog. Good luck on your journey

    • I’ve noticed that those things usually help me too. It can be so hard for me to exercise sometimes, but it makes a huge difference. Writing is like therapy for me too

  9. That’s awesome idea, if i have something i would love to share it with you but i suggest you to talk to expert people they will give you the best ideas and ways. Great products as well.

  10. A few years back when going through a divorce I found that working as many hours (overtime) were much needed. When I was home I was constantly depressed reminding me nothing but my wife. When the smoke finally cleared I started playing basketball more just to stay busy. If ever I’m in that depressed state of mind again I would definitely try counseling as talking it out always help. Thanks for sharing.

  11. I had a girlfriend once who suffered from anxiety bad. Waking up in the middle of the night frozen, sometimes crying, coming with irrational thoughts some times. Sometimes she just needed to know that everything was going to be ok and to know she had the support she needed. She would sometimes write, always read, would binge watch shows all to keep her mind from entering that place. I love how you “” manage because it is a struggle and its never fully managed. I myself “manage” in a much different way then her. I think in part it is why I began my blog, but easily writing as a whole and doing graphic design helped me put my mind in a better place. This article stood out to me because I’m currently drafting an article on how to “manage” [no lie had the same style as you] a significant other whondeals with anxiety as well as another that says your anxiety and depression are not taboo and we should talk about them. When I have them posted I want you to take a look at them. Check back from time to time I want to have them down in the coming weeks.

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