I’m unfollowing you

I’m scrolling through Instagram, and I keep seeing some variation of this in comment section.

“I disagree with you.  I can’t believe you are promoting hatred when you are supposed to be all about love… IM UNFOLLOWING YOU”

This is so bizarre to me.

We follow celebrities, bloggers, and strangers online. We look into a corner of their lives.
We like their pictures. They have some cool quotes. We agree with a lot of things they are saying. We start to feel like that person is a friend. We know fun facts about their lives.
Then one day, they post something we disagree with and we let them know that we are not okay with their words- and we decide that we must respond somehow- we are unfollowing them.

I can not wrap my head around this. I keep trying to understand this mindset, this idea that if someone has an opinion that we disagree with, if it’s an idea that makes us feel uncomfortable, we need to get rid of that person as quickly as possible.

Don’t talk about ideas, don’t discuss things, just unfollow when we disagree. It’s not even the unfollowing that I find so strange, it’s the announcement. It’s like, you hurt my feelings by saying something I didn’t like, so now I’m going to say something mean to you, I’m going to tell EVERYONE that we aren’t friends anymore. Hello third grade friend wars. I feel like someone stole a snack pack or something.

When did social media become the place to have battles? I feel like it’s not really the place for that. Like, if I don’t know you well enough to go out for lunch, then I probably am not that interested in your opinion of me. I’m sure you are an awesome person, you just aren’t my person.

Social media is so weird.

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