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Apparently some people are outraged.

I know, I was surprised too.
A thing happened and a whole mess of people freaked out.

The thing is a super big deal and the whole world needs to know about it yesterday, because we are all probably going to die, or ruin our kids, or something else catastrophic.

When everyone has access to a megaphone, the craziest and loudest stand out.  

They get retweeted, reblogged, and/or read the most.

I don’t totally understand this, why we love crazy so much. Maybe it makes us feel better when someone else is obviously more “out there”.

“I might be a mess but oh man, at least I’m not…”

Someone logged into my Facebook page from Taiwan, so that was weird, and it brought my page back online. I went through my newsfeed for about 30 seconds and realized that 90% of the posts were one of two things.

1- “RESPOND TO THIS (by clicking, reading, liking, following, or purchasing) ”


2- “Live a life you don’t need a vacation from (or other inspirational meme reminiscent of college aol instant messenger profiles)

So basically it’s a bunch of people telling other people what they should do.

I’m outraged.
Like if you agree.
(That was sarcasm)

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