We have had a nature filled week! 

We’ve gotten really used to bears.  We have a mama and two cubs who play in our yard and inspect our grill for leftovers all the time.  

In the evenings we like to walk down to the mailbox, about a mile from the house.  On our last walk, we met some neighbors who just brought home some calves. While talking to them, they mentioned seeing a very large male bear in their yard recently.  

A few days later, it was still over 90 degrees in the late afternoon, so we drove to the mailbox instead of walking. On our way back, we came around the corner to two very large bears fighting in the middle of the road.  I’m honestly not sure how long we waited…it seemed like a long time but probably wasn’t.

I’m so thankful we drove! 

Yesterday, right before pulling into the driveway, my dad spotted a snake in the road so we stopped to stare (from the car). Then we saw the rattle. 

We have a new pet! No it’s not the snake.  It’s a little skink we found under the couch.  Eden named it Lizzie the lizard. 

Today we went for a walk by a nearby creek and found a pearly wood nymph caterpillar, a robins egg, a little black snake and lots of other bugs.  We brought the caterpillar home to watch it build a cocoon and then we will set it free.   

My dad is here for a few more days, helping out while Steve is gone and the baby insists on being near him every moment she can.  It’s wonderful to have some extra hands here.  All the girls have had so much fun with him already.  2.5 weeks until Steve is home to pack us up for Minnesota! 

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