North Carolina to Wisconsin to Michigan

Well guys, we did it, we packed up our North Carolina house, cleaned it and picked up my dad from the airport only one hour behind our ambitious schedule.  We spent three days driving to Wisconsin and arrived at our new house.  We were so excited to be out of the car, so excited to finally be together as a family…and then we walked into our rental house.

Immediately the smell of cat urine hit us in the face.  The house was dirty and smelly.  I sat in the spider filled bathroom and cried for 5 minutes. Then I decided to make the best of it, telling myself it’s only a year.  We unloaded the truck with some help from Steve’s friends from work.  They were amazing, it was wonderful to have help, new friends, new playmates for our kids…but as I put our girls down for bed and looked around the dirty bedroom, I thought, this is not okay.  After a night of open windows, fresh bread, and chili in the crock pot- I still couldn’t handle the smell in the house.  We realized that short of replacing the floors, the smell was there to stay.  The smell was even in the walls.  With three small girls crawling all over the floors, we realized that there was no way this could be sanitary.

We loaded up the car…again…and drove to to Michigan to stay with my parents.  Steve is back in Wisconsin and the search for a place to live together as a family continues.

We are really thankful for the new friends who helped us move and so thankful that we have a safe clean place to stay right now.   Now back to more long distance family life.

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