So long, farewell 

I have broken up with a few things this year:

– folding wash clothes 

I went all Konmari on my life last year and spent a ridiculous amount of time folding dish towels, wash clothes and cloth napkins. No more! They each have a lovely basket and I just toss them in

– folding my children’s socks

Again with the Konmari book- nope, I’m done folding all the little socks. Adult socks are nicely folded and placed in a drawer. They stay like that until I wear them. Children’s socks, not so much. Every day they were arranged nicely, folded, color coordinated, and by lunch time the beautiful organized basket was a mess. My kids would “ice skate” on the floor testing the slip factor of 5 different pairs. They would be kittens and put socks on their feet and hands. They would have cold toes and wear three pairs of socks at one time. I love their creativity and my obsession with folded things was getting in the way. Now there’s a basket of short socks and a basket of tall socks. Clean up takes thirty seconds.


Every single time I logged into Facebook, I wanted to punch someone. 90% of my day is spent listening to other people tell me, in great detail, their opinions. How bread should be cut. What kind of apple is truly the best. Why the blanket has to go in that precise spot. Why sister is wrong. Why this book needs to be read first.

All the things. All the time.

When I have downtime, I’m not spending it being bombarded with two thousand other opinions. Everyone gets to have their opinion, I’m not about suppressing any of that. I just don’t need more really loud aggressive arguments in my life. Facebook used to be a fun way to find out info about a college crush, and then pictures of dogs and babies. Now, for me, it feels like my news feed is filled with people shouting. So much shouting.

So goodbye folding and goodbye (for now) to Facebook.

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