Tell Me More About That

Tell Me More About That

One of my favorite parts of college was when I was able to live off campus my senior year with my aunt. She is a strong, smart and amazing woman and I feel so lucky that I had the chance to spend that time with her. She taught me a phrase that I will never forget….”tell […]

If I’m being honest…

If I’m being totally honest, I say a lot of things that aren’t completely honest. I lie…a lot. Mostly to myself and those closest to me. Anne Lamott talks about writing a “shitty first draft”.  Essentially, you write a rough draft with all your thought and feelings and impulses.  It’s normally complete crap, but you […]

Forget College…I should’ve been a…..

The other night, my 2 year old was laying on the floor sobbing. Why was she sobbing? After asking lots of questions to determine what could be causing all the tears…we figured it out. She was crying because… She had a fingernail. What?  How do you even deal with that? We had to ask several […]