One Conversation Isn’t Enough

“Did you wash your hands?”
“oh!! No! I forgot”
“alright go wash them”

30 seconds later

“okay, they are clean”
“oh! I forgot!!”

I have this conversation at least 15 times a day.

One conversation about equality, about sexuality, about human rights, it isn’t enough.

I have to constantly have discussions about being kind and brave.

I have to remind my children to wash their hands and put dirty clothing in the washer.

I can’t possibly think that I can say, “your body is your choice” and read a book about sex and consider the information both passed on and absorbed.

This isn’t a “mommy blog”. I’m sure I will write about that phrase and the associated stigma at a later date.

This is a page to encourage dialogue about equality.

I want to kindly and compassionately discuss issues that affect humans (and probably animals and plants at some point)

This isn’t a place for trolling, fear mongering, or generally being an asshat.

Words like conservative, liberal, African American, White male, feminist, “those people”, etc are not insults or weapons.

I don’t expect everyone to agree with me. The world would be an incredibly boring place without discussions and disagreements and lively, spirited conversations.

This is a place for me (and others) to write about being human, and the unique journeys, trials, issues and successes within our stories.

This is a space for tricky subjects and I hope to tackle them without being motivated by fear, but by addressing things that matter to me with patience and hope.




Your turn: